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Dentures are a popular and affordable option for replacing one or more missing teeth. Dr. Mori has extensive experience in helping people in and around San Diego get the comfortable, natural-looking dentures they need for better aesthetics and improved oral health and function. Today’s dentures are made of lighter, more durable materials for greater comfort and a better fit. To find out more about dentures and how they can help you, call Blue Mountain Dentistry or use our online system to schedule an office visit today.


What is the difference between a full denture and a partial denture?

A full denture replaces all the teeth on either your upper arch or your lower arch, while a partial denture replaces a lesser number of teeth on one arch. Dentures are one of the most popular ways of replacing missing teeth. Today’s dentures are very comfortable and lightweight compared with dentures of even a decade ago, and their materials and design lessen slippage while also looking more like your natural teeth.

What is involved in getting a full or partial denture?

For most people, dentures take two visits. During your first office visit, Dr. Mori will take an impression of your arch. Impressions use a pasty material that hardens as it dries. The impression will serve as the mold or model for your denture, and it will be sent to a dental lab where your denture will be made. Then, Dr. Mori will choose a natural-looking shade for your denture that matches any remaining teeth. The gum portion will be made of a pink material to enhance the natural appearance. When you come back for your second visit, your denture will be ready for fitting and adjustment. Dr. Mori will place the denture in your mouth and ask you to bite down. Then he’ll adjust the denture until it fits securely and comfortably, and “meshes” with your natural bite.

How long will it be until my dentures feel natural?

Usually, it takes less time to get used to a partial denture than a full denture. With a full denture, it can take a couple of weeks until you feel comfortable. To speed up the process, you can practice reading out loud until your lips and tongue adjust to the denture, and you can also try eating different foods to get used to the way your dentures feel when you’re eating. You should also wear your dentures as often as possible. If your dentures slip or cause sore spots, call the office right away to have them adjusted. Slippage can cause sore spots that can become infected if not treated right away.

Are dentures hard to take care of?

No, dentures can be cared for with a soft-bristle toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also use special denture tablets to soak your dentures for extra freshness. When you’re not wearing your dentures, keep them in water so they don’t dry out.