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Teeth whitening treatments are one of the most popular cosmetic treatments among both men and women. At Blue Mountain Dentistry, Dr. Mori offers professional teeth whitening treatments that remove stains and discoloration in the tooth enamel so people in and around San Diego can enjoy whiter, brighter teeth and more beautiful smiles. If you’d like to find out how teeth whitening can help you look great and feel more confident, call the office or use our online system to schedule an appointment today.

Teeth Whitening

Why do my teeth look yellow and dingy?

Lots of things can make teeth look yellowed, stained, and dingy. Tobacco products are a primary cause of yellow and brown stains, and coffee and tea are other common culprits. Red wine, fruit punches, tomato sauce, and dark-colored berries can also cause stains. Plus, foods and drinks that are high in acids, such as citrus juices, tomato juice, and sodas, temporarily soften your tooth enamel so it’s easier for these stains to penetrate. And of course, if you don’t brush and floss regularly, stains and discoloration can grow more visible.

Professional teeth whitening treatments can correct all of these stains. Discoloration that develops in the central portion of a tooth usually comes from:

  • Damage to the tooth or nerve
  • Deep infection
  • Some types of medications
  • Certain diseases

These stains can’t be “whitened away;” instead, you’ll need a veneer or crown to hide the stain.

What happens during professional teeth whitening?

Professional teeth whitening uses special whitening agents designed for use by dentists. In-office whitening takes about an hour. During a whitening procedure, Dr. Mori applies the whitening agent to the front surfaces of your teeth, then uses a focused light to activate the gel so it penetrates more deeply. A special soft guard keeps your lips away from your teeth so the light can reach every tooth. Take-home whitening kits use a similar whitening solution and custom-made trays molded to fit your teeth for optimal coverage. Using take-home kits, you can expect to achieve optimal results in about four weeks.

Will teeth whitening damage my teeth or make them sensitive?

Professional teeth whitening agents are safe to use and will not damage your teeth or your gums. You may experience some tooth sensitivity during treatment, but those symptoms will fade soon after your treatment ends.

Are professional whitening treatments better than over-the-counter bleaching kits?

Yes. Our whitening treatments use professional-strength agents for better penetration and superior results. Plus, our take-home kits use trays that are molded specifically for your mouth for more consistent results. Having your teeth whitened by Dr. Mori is a safe, simple way to dramatically improve the way your smile looks.